Lionel Messi’s new video hints at his transition to industrial entrepreneurship: Watch

Soccer superstar Lionel Messi surprised fans by sharing a video on his social media account which hints at his transition from footballer to industrial entrepreneur.

The Inter Miami’s star took to his Instagram account and shared a video in which he and his wife Antonela Roccuzzo visiting a factory, dressed as workers, to learn about making a new drink.

Meanwhile, the video ends with a date on the screen: June 14, 2024, suggesting an upcoming launch.

However, sources familiar with the project describe it as an innovative drink, specially designed for athletes and active individuals, with natural ingredients and unique properties for hydration and physical performance.

Moreover, the production plant is located in Miami, reaffirming Messi’s commitment to the local community and his bet on the US market.

Messi’s venture into business isn’t new, but entering industrial production is a big step. Since joining Inter Miami, Messi’s impact has gone beyond soccer, making him a figure not just in sports, but also in business.

Meanwhile, the video isn’t just about the drink—it also shows Messi’s focus on health and quality.

Furthermore, his choice to visit a factory and dress like an ordinary worker reflects his humility and connection with ordinary people.

Messi’s move from soccer to business shows his determination and vision beyond the field.