Actor Nick Pasqual Arrested at U.S.-Mexico Border for Allegedly Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend - inouf
Actor Nick Pasqual Arrested at U.S.-Mexico Border
Actor Nick Pasqual Arrested at U.S.-Mexico Border

Serious Charges Filed
Actor Nick Pasqual Arrested at U.S.-Mexico Border for Allegedly Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend. Hollywood actor Nick Pasqual faces serious legal trouble after being charged with attempted murder. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday that Pasqual, 34, has been charged with one count of attempted murder, one count of first-degree residential burglary with a person present, and one count of injuring a spouse, cohabitant, fiancé, boyfriend, girlfriend, or child’s parent. If found guilty on all charges, Pasqual could be sentenced to life in prison.

Victim Identification
The District Attorney’s office has not disclosed the victim’s identity, but Entertainment Tonight reports that the victim is makeup artist Allie Shehorn. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to help cover Shehorn’s medical expenses. The fundraiser highlights Shehorn’s compassionate and caring nature, emphasizing that she does not deserve to go through such a traumatic experience.

Details of the Incident
According to the district attorney’s office, Pasqual allegedly forced his way into his ex-girlfriend’s Los Angeles home around 4:30 a.m. on May 23 and attacked her with multiple stab wounds. Shehorn had recently obtained a restraining order against Pasqual, underscoring her previous concerns for her safety. After the attack, Shehorn was hospitalized with critical injuries.

Arrest and Legal Actions
Pasqual fled the city following the incident. An arrest warrant was issued, and he was eventually detained at a U.S.-Mexico border checkpoint in Texas. Authorities have confirmed that Pasqual will be extradited back to Los Angeles to face the charges, though no arraignment date has been set yet.

Actor Nick Pasqual Arrested at U.S.-Mexico Border
Actor Nick Pasqual Arrested at U.S.-Mexico Border

GoFundMe Campaign
The GoFundMe page reveals that Shehorn is “fighting for her life” after the stabbing. She spent several days in the intensive care unit and underwent multiple surgeries, including one to repair severed tendons in her right arm and another to close wounds in her neck. The campaign emphasizes the severity of her injuries and the long recovery process she faces.

Continuing Investigation
The Los Angeles Police Department is continuing its investigation into the case. District Attorney George Gascon expressed his sympathies for the victim and highlighted the support available through the Bureau of Victim Services. Gascon stressed that this case serves as a reminder of the dangers of domestic violence and committed to ensuring Pasqual is held accountable for his actions.

Background of Victim and Perpetrator
Shehorn is a respected makeup artist with credits in projects such as “Rebel Moon: Part 1,” “Mean Girls,” and “Babylon,” according to Entertainment Tonight. Pasqual has been featured in “Rebel Moon: Part 1” and has also appeared in well-known TV shows such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “Archive 81,” according to his IMDB page.

District Attorney’s Statement

District Attorney George Gascon conveyed, “My thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with the victim of this horrific incident. “Our office, in conjunction with our Bureau of Victim Services, extends our full support and resources to her as she starts the long and challenging journey of recovering from both the physical and emotional trauma she has endured. This appalling incident serves as a grave reminder of the dangers of domestic violence. We are committed to ensuring that the person responsible for this atrocious act is held accountable.

The Impact of Domestic Violence
This case brings renewed focus to the issue of domestic violence, highlighting the need for ongoing awareness and support for victims. The legal proceedings against Pasqual will likely attract significant media attention, providing a platform to discuss the broader implications of such violent acts and the importance of preventive measures and support systems.

As the investigation progresses and more details become available, the primary goal remains ensuring justice for the victim and addressing the critical issue of domestic violence in society.

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