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Wilson Sporting Goods Partners with Caitlin Clark to Boost Women's Basketball
Wilson Sporting Goods Partners with Caitlin Clark to Boost Women's Basketball


Wilson Sporting Goods Partners with Caitlin Clark to Boost Women’s Basketball. Wilson Sporting Goods Co. has announced an exciting multiyear partnership with Caitlin Clark, guard for the Indiana Fever. This collaboration will introduce exclusive basketball collections celebrating Clark’s legacy and contributions to the sport. Wilson’s commitment to promoting women’s basketball and highlighting Clark’s influence is clear through this strategic partnership.

Wilson’s Drive for Innovation and Legacy Preservation
Honoring Pioneers in Sports
“Wilson is dedicated to celebrating the most iconic moments in sports, and we have always partnered with trailblazers who break boundaries and create their own legacies,” says Amanda Lamb,, Head of Global Brand at Wilson. Caitlin Clark, a record-setting athlete and cultural icon, epitomizes this spirit. Wilson’s collaboration with her goes beyond endorsement to partnering with a visionary who will drive innovation both on and off the court.

Clark’s Role in Product Development
Clark will be instrumental in testing, advising, and providing feedback on various Wilson basketball products. Her insights will help Wilson refine its offerings from youth leagues to professional levels. Throughout 2024, Wilson will release collections celebrating Clark’s achievements, culminating in her first-ever signature basketball line debuting later this year.

Caitlin Clark’s Vision and Impact
Advancing Women’s Basketball
“Wilson has supported me through some of the most crucial moments of my career, and I am thrilled to continue advancing basketball with them,” says Caitlin Clark, NCAA Division I all-time leading scorer and WNBA rookie. Clark’s influence extends beyond her on-court performance; she is set to inspire future generations of athletes with her dedication and innovation.

Launch of Signature Collection
The first drop of Clark’s collection launches today, featuring Wilson’s classic white and gold WNBA basketball with personalized laser engravings celebrating iconic Clark moments. Consumers can personalize their basketball by choosing one of three designs. This exclusive collection is available only at Wilson.com.

Wilson’s Vision for Youth and Community Engagement
Making Products Accessible
A key aspect of this collaboration is promoting access to play for youth across the country. Wilson will offer products in the collection at various price points, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers through direct-to-consumer channels and key retailers.

Supporting the Caitlin Clark Foundation
Wilson will also support the Caitlin Clark Foundation, which aims to uplift and improve the lives of youth and their communities through education, nutrition, and sport. These pillars are foundational to Clark’s success and will be integral to the foundation’s mission. For more information, visit Wilson.com and follow @WilsonBasketball and @Wilson on social media.

Wilson’s Influence in Basketball
Official Game Basketballs Provider
Wilson Sporting Goods has a storied history in basketball. The company supplies the Official Game Basketballs for prestigious leagues and tournaments, including the National Basketball Association® (NBA), the Women’s National Basketball Association® (WNBA), National Collegiate Athletic Association® (NCAA) for March Madness and the Final Four, Basketball Champions League (BCL), Basketball Africa League (BAL), and FIBA 3×3. Wilson also partners with approximately 39 High School State Associations, ensuring the quality of basketballs used in youth sports.

A Legacy of Innovation | Wilson
Wilson Sporting Goods Co., based in Chicago, USA, is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance sports equipment, apparel, footwear, and accessories. With more than a century of innovation and heritage, Wilson has been at the forefront of sports technology, enhancing the experience of athletes across various disciplines, including Racquet Sports, Baseball, Softball, American Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, and Golf. As part of Amer Sports Group, Wilson continues to lead in sports innovation, contributing to the development of new technologies and materials that improve athletic performance.

Expanding Women’s Basketball
Elevating Female Athletes
This partnership between Wilson and Caitlin Clark is a significant step in enhancing the visibility of female athletes. By creating a signature line for Clark, Wilson is not only celebrating her achievements but also promoting the presence of women in professional sports. This collaboration aims to inspire young female athletes to pursue their dreams and recognize the impact they can have on the sport.

Wilson Sporting Goods Partners with Caitlin Clark to Boost Women's Basketball
Wilson Sporting Goods Partners with Caitlin Clark to Boost Women’s Basketball

Shaping the Future of Women’s Basketball
Caitlin Clark’s involvement with Wilson will drive the future of women’s basketball. Her role in product development and innovation will ensure that the equipment used by future generations is of the highest quality. By incorporating Clark’s insights and experiences, Wilson will continue to evolve and set new standards in the industry.

The Caitlin Clark Foundation
Mission and Goals
The Caitlin Clark Foundation is dedicated to uplifting and improving the lives of youth and their communities through education, nutrition, and sport. These three pillars are essential to Clark’s success and will be the foundation of the foundation’s mission. The partnership with Wilson will support these initiatives, providing resources and opportunities for young athletes to thrive.

Impact on Communities
Wilson’s support for the Caitlin Clark Foundation will have a profound impact on communities across the country. By promoting education, nutrition, and sport, the foundation will help young people develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed. This collaboration will create lasting change, empowering the next generation of athletes to reach their full potential.

Wilson Sporting Goods’ partnership with Caitlin Clark marks a significant step forward in promoting women’s basketball. By celebrating Clark’s achievements and involving her in product innovation, Wilson reinforces its commitment to advancing the sport. This collaboration will inspire future generations and support youth development through the Caitlin Clark Foundation, ensuring a lasting impact on the community and the sport.

Wilson’s dedication to creating a better world through sport is evident in this partnership. By working with trailblazers like Caitlin Clark, Wilson continues to lead the way in sports innovation and community engagement. This collaboration not only highlights the importance of female athletes but also sets the stage for the future of basketball, inspiring young athletes to dream big and achieve their goals.

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